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We're dedicated to serving you as no other appliance store does ...

We service our appliances
as if we're going to use them in our own home.

We care about you, our customer,
and consider you a part of our extended family.

OOValue for your dollar and superior quality
underpin our enthusiastic desire to help you
in every way we can with your appliance needs.


Not only are our prices half that of brand new appliances,
our appliances are superior to new ones.

People who buy a cheap brand new fridge
don't realize that it has internal steel pipes carrying Freon
and is made with cheap plastic and steel doors.

An older fridge has copper piping, thicker plastic,
thicker steel, and a bigger compressor.
It will last at least twice as long as a new one.

New fridges have to be replaced every 5 years
due to breakage of crispers, gaskets, and shelving.
It's the same with all the new appliances.

Older is a much better value for your dollar.


We always install brand new parts

We only carry newer appliances which:

* consume very little energy

* have been gently used

* have been serviced, tested, stamped,
and guaranteed by certified technicians.


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