If water is leaking
from underneath or inside
your refrigerator,
check for:

A. leaking water pipes behind the refrigerator.
B. condensation on the inside of the refrigerator.
C. a full drain pan.

2. If your clothes washer
isn't agitating at all,
you should:

A. check the drive belt.
B. turn the machine off and on a few times.
C. replace the agitator.

3. If your clothes dryer
isn't heating but the drum
does rotate, it may be that:

A. the heating fuse is burned out.
B. the heating element is defective.
C. there are too many clothes in the dryer.

4. The water isn't draining
out of your dishwasher.
You should:

A. turn off all hot water to the dishwasher.
B. restack the dishes properly.
C. check for a defective pump motor.

5. Your electric oven
isn't holding the temperature you set. It could be that:

A. the thermostat needs calibrating.
B. the oven is set on self-cleaning mode.
C. the oven knob on the control panel needs replacing.

6. Have you ever experienced any of the above-mentioned appliance malfunctions? Yes: No:
7. If you answered "Yes",
what did do you do
to remedy the problem?
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